Using the furnishings and accessories that you own and spark joy in your life, we can completely transform a room. This is a simple and practical way to make any room feel more stylish, spacious, useful and beautiful.

Common Redesign Services Include:

  • Re-arranging / styling existing furniture and accessories

  • Re-purposing a room or creating new space

  • Introduction of new accessories, or style details

  • Ask me about our new "Mini-Makeover Experience" a really fun way to reveal your home's beauty.

Organization and Tidying

The art of tidying and organizing can seem overwhelming. We can take you through a step-by-step plan that will simplify the process and make it a joyful experience. The goal is for you to be surrounded only by the things that you love and position you for successful maintenance of your organized and tidy life. We can craft a plan to meet almost any budget ranging from a one time simple consultation and planning session to a collaborative process where we work together and then follow up on progress.

Common Organization and Tidying Services Include:

  • Sorting, Decluttering

  • Storage Solutions

  • Organization & Tidying Education

  • Multi-Session Support


The benefits of staging are plentiful. The de-cluttering aspect of staging not only sets you up to attract more buyers; but also, helps in the moving process. It is often hard for sellers to look past their own personal taste. This is why presenting a design that is attractive to a wide range of buyers has been proven to pay off. Our staging services will help create an amazing first impression for prospective buyers.

Staging Services:

  • Consultation and Detailed Planning

  • Full Service Staging and Redesign

  • New Accessory and Furniture Introduction

  • Vacant Home Staging

Moving Day Help

There is nothing like the excitement of a fresh start moving into a new home. Allow me to help set the stage for renewed organization and a fresh start in your new home. 

Moving Day Help Services:

  • Unpacking

  • Organizing

  • Furniture Layout and Design

Vacation Home Opening

Servicing Coastal Delaware and Ocean City, MD. Get ready for the excitement of the summer season by having me help you get your vacation home ready for the relaxing days of summer.

Vacation Home Opening Services

  • Organizing

  • Unpacking

  • Season "Freshen Up" with new redesign




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